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Smart Notice Board

Can you do more with your existing smart board?

A smart board can only be used to teach – Right? Wrong.

Did you ever think that a smart board can be made to serve as a notice board as well when there is a need. A typical PA system in school is an audio-only solution , there is hardly any engagement it can make. Is it not time , that we have a smart notice board solution in every classroom which can keep students more informed , more educated?

A typical smart class solution consists of an interactive board , projector and a processing unit- everything that is required to make it smart – smarter than it is today.

We at Signoxe Media have created a solution that gives a fresh new perspective to how smart boardscan be used to do a lot more.

Make your smart board smarter than before!!

Smart Board + Notice Board = Smart Notice Board

Smart Notice Board is all about making your smart board smarter such that it can serve as a notice board whenever required. Imagine a popup being thrown on screen when there is an urgent announcement.

One can even do more. With our smart notice board solution , School can schedule national/school anthem at a fixed time followed with a new quote of the day , word of the day. A special playlist can be made to play during lunch time – say an interesting brainteaser ,Quiz or Fact of the day that serves as a refresher and enables learning beyond curriculum as well.

How about a 2 min video on a legend on their birth anniversary? With smart notice board solution , you get all these contents readymade – ready to be consumed on the fly.

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