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Digital Notice Board for Education

Push Content From Anywhere

No more pulling out Pen Drives to update data.Push content from anywhere from any device.Updating content is breeze with signoxe media school dashboard.

News Headline

Push news , important information with fancy tickers.Customize speed , fontsize, background color to get immediate attention.

Consume readymade Feeds

Signoxe Media is also your creative agency that creates unique content everyday so that your school doesn’t have to spend hours in making it.

Schedule Content

Schedule lunch time content or a special occassion playlist in advance.

How to setup Digital Notice Board?

Setting up your Digital Notice Board is a 2 min task.Just connect our DNB box with your screen and it’s done.

Educate beyond curriculum!!

Imagine your child learning a new word every day , a new fact everyday.With many such useful feeds , Digital Notice Board serves another purpose of educating child beyond curriculum.

Learn new things everyday

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Education for everyone

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Inform > Educate > Engage

Keep your students , teachers and visitors more informed and educated with dynamic Digital Notice Boards.

Schools can seamlessly push content like:

  • Images / Videos
    • Notices /Circulars
    • Annual Function Photos / Videos
    • Awards and Achievements / Student Achievements
    • Success Stories
  • Tickers
    • Quick News / Information
  • Web Assets
    • Full Screen Messages
    • Calendar /Upcoming Events
    • Welcome Messages/Birthday Messages

Feeds that enables learning beyond curriculum

  • Quote of the Day
  • Word of the Day
  • Question of the Day
  • Did You Know Facts
  • Today in History
  • Brainteasers & Puzzles
  • GK Quiz
  • Sports Quiz
  • Remember Legends
  • Weekly Feeds

Go Digital with our dynamic Digital Notice Board.

Say “No” to paper notice boards.Give your school a makeover.

Customers say Digital Notice Board is quick simple awesome

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